About Us

The Sydney Neurostimulation Centre (SyNC) is a research, clinical assessment and treatment centre which is led by the internationally respected psychiatrist and researcher Professor Colleen Loo.

Professor Loo has expertise derived from over 20 years of experience in the treatment of mood disorders using evidence based brain stimulation interventions. 

Our research group investigates novel ways to treat depression, as either an alternative or an adjunct to existing pharmacological and psychological treatments. We use a variety of methods to enhance neurological function and then assess the effects of these treatments on mood. 

Our studies and clinic are particularly suitable for those seeking an alternative to medication or who are unable to tolerate medications or ECT

As part of our research trials we offer participants:

  • Assessment for trial suitability and antidepressant treatment

  • Regular assessment during the study and clinic treatment

  • Feedback for participants and patients after the study

  • Complete confidentiallity